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a narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel

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a point of congestion or blockage

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Over a third of grain imports for the region passes through a maritime choke point for which there is no alternate route.
said Operation Choke Point began as a means of combating fraudulent businesses, but evolved into an arbitrary list of businesses targeted by bureaucrats in the DOJ and banking regulators purely on "moral" grounds, backed by no legislation.
Data transfer points, depending on location and complexity, can become information gaps, blind spots, or choke points that impact the distribution flow.
It's not simply maritime choke points which provide risk.
In early January, the DOJ brought the first action of Operation Choke Point against Four Oaks Bank in Four Oaks, N.
It certainly seemed from yesterday's experience that the east-west flow at Swansea's traditional choke point appeared easier.
Noticing a trend in material movement delays into the Djibouti area, the NOLSC analysts identified what appeared to be a choke point in Bahrain for material destined for HOA.
The Strait of Hormuz is a choke point at the mouth of the Gulf for a fifth of the world's crude oil supplies.
He observed that the Indian Ocean had narrow water ways called choke point such as Malaka, Gulf of Aden etc, and the pirates found easy targets in these channels.
The NetScreen-500 delivers security performance of more than 700 Mbps firewall and 250 Mbps VPN throughput, ensuring that the security system does not become a choke point in high-performance network environments.
Last year was like the upper half of an hourglass, with the fat part at the beginning of the year and the lean part at the bottom or choke point.
However, it too represents a potential choke point for the system.
This particular section of Marcos Highway has become a choke point, with the queue usually extending all the way to Marikina.
Operation Choke Point Accuser Speaks Out :A Wisconsin gun shop owner describes how his account was closed by his credit union.