choke hold

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a restraining hold

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The men exchanged blows and Mawson said he only used the deadly choke hold after Mr Knox armed himself with a hammer from his van.
ERIC GARNER, 43 The father-of-six was placed in a fatal choke hold.
Bryan told officers he put the man in a rear naked choke hold.
Fallon made light work of his bout, completing the win with a rear naked choke hold at one minute 40 seconds of the first round.
The person had the officer kind of in a choke hold .
Police said a man entered the business carrying the hatchet and demanded money from an employee, and a customer who witnessed the robbery then grabbed the suspect from behind and placed him in what officers described as a choke hold.
Recorder Mark Rhind, sentencing, said: "You dragged her into the back garden, had her in a choke hold, tied her up and threatened her.
Mr Bawden, who denied the charge, strongly rejected claims he placed thief Aaron Bishop, 22, of Treboeth, Swansea, in a choke hold or head lock.
It claims this demonstrates beyond doubt that abattoirs no longer have beef finishers in a choke hold and new rules for establishing the value of prime cattle are being set.
All five of those attacked were grabbed from behind in a choke hold and then wrestled to the ground.
City of the Big Shoulders," in Carl Sandburg's evocative phrase--seems hell-bent on putting a choke hold on just about everything that makes a city a city.
Another variant on this type of game, which is not done to achieve sexual arousal, is "suffocation roulette," in which one child takes a deep breath and another comes from behind and hugs them or puts them in a choke hold until the person passes out.
It came out bubbly, 'cause he was underwater then but he put that bitch in a choke hold and put his ass to sleep.
On the other hand, red tide toxins can exert a choke hold on people with lung disease, Kirkpatrick's team reports in a second May EHP paper.
Alas, things may not purr along back home; tossing your mane indiscriminately could turn your main squeeze into a choke hold.