choke hold

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a restraining hold

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I put him in a choke hold, I had no idea if he had a weapon so I told him I'd put him to sleep if he went in his pockets.
Dr Jennifer Bolton, a pathologist called to give evidence by the defence, was asked about the 'carotid sleep hold', a choke hold whereby the front of the neck is held in the crook of the elbow.
Mr Jones said: "As soon as he walked in he grabbed the victim in a choke hold, wrapping both arms around his throat.
Meanwhile, intense fighting and an al-Qaeda choke hold mean humanitarian aid has not even been able to reach the area yet.
Somebody up there finally had an epiphany and hockey might now come out of the choke hold it has been suffering and breathe again.
The mother of Eric Garner, who died after a police choke hold in New York City, also attended, in addition to the mother of Tamir Rice.
I tried to walk towards the person in charge to file a complaint, but eight guards started beating me, and one held me in a choke hold," Natalie stated, "A Policewoman came over, and tried to take my bag to withhold my ID; I refused.
CCTV captured both walking out of the patio area when the doorman suddenly grabbed him round the neck in a choke hold.
The law of the land is a choke hold and a phonograph: makes you listen to everything you miss.
Bryan told officers he put the man in a rear naked choke hold.
They love style and will show you a choke hold that snaps you ear drum.
Fallon made light work of his bout, completing the win with a rear naked choke hold at one minute 40 seconds of the first round.
The person had the officer kind of in a choke hold .
He allegedly abused his wife Friday night and Saturday morning, hitting her with a newspaper and placing her in a choke hold when she did not react.
Police said a man entered the business carrying the hatchet and demanded money from an employee, and a customer who witnessed the robbery then grabbed the suspect from behind and placed him in what officers described as a choke hold.