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You'll still spend a few hours in the bathroom, but at least you don't have to choke down that awful liquid.
How could I help them choke down the bitter pill of disgruntlement?
Today, diversity has been embraced in part because it is a semantic "pill" that is easier to swallow for white Americans, many of whom still find the concept of affirmative action difficult to choke down.
The illness accompanied me all through the South of France and on to Paris and London, where, gaunt and grumpy, I tried to choke down some tea as a raucous crowd of friends and relatives toasted Kate's 24th birthday and devoured Thai delicacies in Notting Hill's trendiest new spot.
These pros sometimes have to choke down unappetizing liquids in the quest for the ideal blend.
It's hardly enough time to choke down the new-and-improved, high-energy, vacuum-packed MEAL READY-TO-EAT.
budget deficits, the balance-of-payments current accounts deficits, and the growing resentment of the United States abroad, there may be a "tipping point," as yet undetermined, which could be triggered by geopolitical failure on the Korean Peninsula or in South Asia, a severe oil shock derived from simultaneous domestic failures in several producer countries, or a rapid enlargement of more attractive investment opportunities in China and India, and greater confidence in the Euro, sufficient to choke down the continuing influx of foreign financing.
Continue with this kind of negative self-talk and, by the time breakfast rolls around, you'll barely be able to choke down your Cheerios.
Yesterday, when I went home to choke down a hurried meal before tearing off to the Canim Lake house church service at Eagle Creek, Linda met me at the door with a worried look.
He forces the average would be active citizen to choke down that sour persimmon, then feeds him the ripe plum that "surrendering one's voice is perhaps the surest path to advancement among those outgunned when politics is reduced to hyperindividualism.
To do this choke down the shaft a little,(grip further down the shaft).
The Bounty Hunter will do just as well for this type of shooting and you have the benefit of using the tubes to choke down one barrel in readiness for a longer shot.
The Lakers spent the offseason laughing at them, deriding Sacramento's victim mentality and scoffing at the Kings' claims of superiority after watching them choke down the stretch of Game 7 at Arco Arena.
I would have to choke down my point-eight hours of "A" time and like it.
About that same grandfather ordering a barrel of live oysters shipped from New Orleans at Christmas time and giving each of his three daughters a quarter for every raw oyster they managed to choke down.