choke coil

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a coil of low resistance and high inductance used in electrical circuits to pass direct current and attenuate alternating current

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Panasonic will start mass production of the new power choke coil October 2013, with a monthly production capacity of 7 million pieces.
When disconnecting the inverter, the energy, stored in the choke coils, returns to the condensers of the filter of the power rectifier, bypassing the primary circuit of the TRM.
Innovative wire-winding and production techniques produce 1210 case size choke coils with 8GHz cut-off for common-mode noise reduction in flat-screen TVs and other high-definition applications
Murata Electronics has unveiled the DLW21H common mode choke coil series.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of B Type Choke Coil Used In Track Circuit In Indian Railway As Per Rdso Specification No.
Now being produced at the rate of 10 million units per month, BRL2518 series wire-wound power inductors are ideally suited for DC-DC converter choke coil applications in hard disk drives, LCD displays, digital cameras, personal digital assistants and other devices.
Tenders are invited for 01) complete rewinding of choke coil of welding transformer, 400 amp, 25kva, 415v at silewara colliery.
Tenders are invited for Choke Coil Series Resonant Circuit Reactor For 6500/7500Kva Transformer Type 2Sod240, As Per Abb Id No.
In order to cover the market demand and application's requirements, Panasonic have developed a new Power choke coil technology (high power SMD in 12x12 case size ETQP8MxxxJFA.
com) a world-leading innovator in electronics, today unveiled the DLW21H low cost common mode choke coil series.
Tenders are invited for Choke Coil Type B Specification No Irs S-65/83 Amendment-3
com ), a world-leading innovator in electronics, has announced the introduction of the PLW3216S Series - Wire-Wound Surface Mount Common-Mode Choke Coil (EIA Size 1206).
Tenders are invited for Choke Coil For Singnal Rail Track Circuits On 25 Kv 50 Hz Ac Electrified Sections.