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Synonyms for choke

Synonyms for choke

to interfere with or stop the normal breathing of, especially by constricting the windpipe

to stop the breathing of

to hold (something requiring an outlet) in check

to plug up something, as a hole, space, or container

to be unsuccessful

choke off: to bring to an end forcibly as if by imposing a heavy weight

something used to fill a hole, space, or container

Synonyms for choke

a coil of low resistance and high inductance used in electrical circuits to pass direct current and attenuate alternating current

a valve that controls the flow of air into the carburetor of a gasoline engine

breathe with great difficulty, as when experiencing a strong emotion

wring the neck of

constrict (someone's) throat and keep from breathing

struggle for breath

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fail to perform adequately due to tension or agitation

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check or slow down the action or effect of

impair the respiration of or obstruct the air passage of

become stultified, suppressed, or stifled

suppress the development, creativity, or imagination of

reduce the air supply


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cause to retch or choke


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Now, Toke N' Choke Dispensary needs more original artists for episodes 5-10 coming up.
Credit Union Denies Operation Choke Point Charges: Wisconsin gun shop owner believes Heritage CU unjustly closed his business account.
The most important principle is just because a shotgun's choke is labeled "Modified" doesn't mean the shot spread agrees.
conducted hearings and issued a report titled: "The Department of Justice's 'Operation Choke Point': Illegally Choking Off Legitimate Businesses?
Browning's choke system, along with the high-velocity loads provided a consistent 80-90 percent pattern.
Belkin is operating two factories each in Guangdong Province and Henan Province to turn out CPU chokes, with output ranging from 10 million to 15 million units a month.
5 pellet in plated lead, as it will tend to stay round better as it goes through a tight choke constriction.
Lane's heavyweight Redcar squadmate Paul Whyman proved a submission magician as he put a scarf choke on Dave Wilkinson to win by first round tapout.
The result of those evaluations led to an initial, private effort to utilize a thin plate as a choke in the gating system, which ultimately was tried directly under the sprue.
Petrilli also demonstrates how to perform these locks using the 'punyo' or but end of the stick, as well as how to counter compressions with simple, fluid motions allowing the re-directions of an opponents force into a more punishing lock or choke.
Coaxial choke Ck3 then assures negligible current in the outer conductor.
He made a companion piece to be performed with Choke for his New York season at Danspace Project in May 2002.
Two of the reports involved consumers starting to choke on the cap.
You can identify and then stop eating foods that your throat finds most irritating--vinegar, for instance--or foods that cause you to choke, such as potato chips.
GPS 600 Series Antenna is a dual frequency antenna that achieves less than 1 millimeters offset between L1 and L2 phase centers without a choke ring by replacing conventional patch antenna designs with NovAtel's patent pending Pinwheel Technology -- an aperture coupled slot array configuration.