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a school that is part of a cathedral or monastery where boys with singing ability can receive a general education

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Although the abuse at the choir school took place several decades ago, "the wounds are deeply ingrained and keep breaking open," he said.
The problem is that the roof of one section of the cathedral where the choir school is housed is in very poor shape.
Canon John Sadler, who co-ordinates development, said the funds will help refurbish the building, focusing on the Thomlinson library, where the choir school is housed.
The shooting took place just before 2 pm in front of Saint Thomas Choir School near Columbus Circle between Broadway and 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, where is filled with midday tourists, shoppers and office workers, Xinhua reported.
At a very young age she began working in the choral field, a path that led to her eventual establishment of a professional choir school of 450 singers and 35 music teachers.
A former pupil of St Edward's College, the Cathedral's senior choir school, Hart studied at Liverpool College of Art and Hopwood Hall before becoming an art teacher.
Aged eight, the choirmaster spotted Alastair's treble voice and suggested he try out for St Paul's Cathedral Choir School.
Once the bastion of English public school values and originally a choir school attached to St Thomas' Cathedral, it now strives to reflect the multiculturalism that is India.
The retired chartered accountant had known since childhood that she was "different", but the "stiff upper lip" attitude prevailing at her cathedral choir school in the 1950s meant she felt obliged to "follow a defined route of work, marriage, family, and doing our duty".
Since 2007 boy sopranos and altos from the associated choir school have joined the choir for some of the time.
10 (ANI): Pope Benedict XVI's brother has admitted that he slapped choirboys at the German choir school that he headed for 30 years.
Dumont's work (translated and revised by Susan Boynton from an earlier publication) focuses on the social background of the boys, their recruitment, admission to school, a typical school day, and careers beyond choir school: also included are similar data regarding the recruitment of vicaires, their salaries and remuneration, lodging, clothing, discipline and how entry into a choir school such as that at Cambrai offered the possibility of career advancement to those boys from the less privileged classes.
Three years ago, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, our efforts were finally crowned with the founding of a choir school.
The group of boys, from Wolverhampton's St Peter's Collegiate Church, spent the time living at the choir school accommodation in the Yorkshire city and sang to packed services in the world famous cathedral.
Earl Evans, the minister of music, was a graduate of the Westminster Choir School and, Bouwman assured me, would give me free voice lessons for singing in the choir.