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a gallery in a church occupied by the choir

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But some churches were bold in wishing to have men and women in the choir loft, visible to the entire congregation, wearing uniform apparel.
And in the choir loft, where singers sat on crude benches, fanciful chair backs are painted directly onto the plaster, as if the illusion would truly lend them support.
The sanctuary adapts "theater in the round" designs to promote intimacy and features a 350-seat choir loft, areas for orchestras and dance performances, as well as a full recording.
John's choir loft, where, between her work as music minister, artist in residence at Nashoba Regional High School in Bolton, choir practice, Sunday morning services at St.
By the beginning of summer the altar was filled with boys and the choir loft was packed with young women.
The choir loft was decorated with white trees in urns and candles and feathers lined the alter.
And there was at least one year when I spent the whole Mass crying in an unused choir loft, unable to bring myself to mumble the tiniest responses.
Joseph in Rensselaer is eagerly anticipating a glorious recital on Mother's Day (May 13th) to rededicate the magnificent twenty-ton pipe organ in the choir loft at historic St.
Known as the "church built upon a rock", the building has no basement, but boasts a huge rock under the choir loft.
As he often does, Brombaugh insisted the church fix some of its less attractive acoustics, taking out sound-absorbing carpet and adding a reflective panel near the ceiling over the organ, which is installed in a balcony choir loft.
Members of Meals' family were secreted in the choir loft when Russell walked into the church Saturday.
Actor Douglas Campbell, hidden in the choir loft, was the Voice of God, and there is no one in the country who can match the gorgeous, rolling cadence of his thundering voice.
Adding additional tones, restoring the choir loft and making the pipes visible again to the congregation were all proposed project additions that are not within the scope of the proposed work.
The choir loft of the church was filled with ferns lovingly raised by the bride's grandfathers, Spanish moss, and hundreds of candles in wrought-iron candelabras.
Walls and roof in the Gothic revival design were finished according to Mouly's plans, but there was no provision in the plans for access to the choir loft which stretched across the back of the chapel.