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dessert mousse made with chocolate

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Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse C Brownie bits and raspberry coulis topped with house-made chocolate mousse, raspberry sauce, fresh whipped cream, chocolate shavings and fresh mint.
was said to have failed to store the chocolate mousse in an appropriately hygienic place before it got hit by the bacteria.
PLATING THE TRIFLE Place the macerated strawberries in the bottom of the jar top with cream patisserie then the white chocolate mousse sprinkle the mouse with grated dark chocolate scatter the macerated strawberries around serve with strawberries sorbet and strawberries dipped in chocolate and if you are really daring pipe a little bow tie on them WINE RECOMMENDATION Marcus says: "Prosecco goes perfectly with strawberries.
Shape four large and four small quenelles of chocolate mousse using two spoons and position around the macaroon to finish the dish.
The elegant La Boulangerie Pont Neuf is a crunchy chocolate brownie and hazelnut biscuit base topped with a rich chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse, finally topped with a velvety dark chocolate coating.
Weighing in at 460 grams, the dark chocolate mousse and sponge cake treat can be sliced to serve up to six people, Priced at 6.
Imagine a Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake (two chocolate layers filled with luscious chocolate whipped cream mousse, then covered with milk chocolate frosting and a dark chocolate glaze), or a Tiramisu Classico Cake (coffee-washed cake layered with classic mascarpone custard and garnished with delicious coffee whipped cream, dark chocolate shaves, and a dusting of cocoa); or picture chocolate cake heaped with peanut butter mousse swirled with delicious brownie and milk chocolate chunks, then topped with a jumble of chocolate chunks and crunchy peanuts, covered with a dark chocolate glaze, drizzled with more milk chocolate, and garnished with a border of creamy fudge.
JUST BORN IS ADDING TO ITS ICONIC PEEP'S LINE with the introduction of its chocolate mousse flavored marshmallow bunnies in a take-home package.
This year's menu includes new additions such as the Sicilian chocolate macaroon topped with pistachio crE me brulE[umlaut]e, chocolate mousse with 70 per cent cocoa, praline framboise with 75 per cent cocoa and French chocolate with raspberry filling.
Bakes delicious delectable products such as Petit Fours, Fresh Fruit Tarts, Cream Horns, Truffles, German Chocolate Squares, Linzer Tarts, Key Lime Tarts, Lemon Squares, Profiteroles, Chocolate Mousse, Bailey Aeclairs, Cakes, Tortes, Sheet Cakes, Cookies, Pies, French Pastries and Wedding Cakes.
Philadelphia Cheese, Yea Valley Organic Milk Chocolate Mousse and McVitie's Choc Chip Crumblies all achieved above-average scores, although in each case there was a clear conflict between the organic image and what were considered unhealthy foods.
And more than a third couldn't name the ingredients used to make scones, and 88% had no idea what went into chocolate mousse.
West Hollywood, (323) 654-7100, with her four-course Belgian chocolate dinner (includes a chocolate martini) that matches white chocolate mousse with smoked salmon, a sweet onion bisque with cocoa nib cream, sea bass with dark chocolate or filet of beef with a cayenne-chocolate-red wine jus and a trio of different chocolates in a mousse cake for dessert.
Deliciously spicy dishes range from Grilled Veggie Bites with Spring Salsa to Beef Enchilada Bake, Tamale-Style Catfish, Shrimp Salad Burrito, and Spicy Hot Chocolate Mousse.
A creamy bottom layer topped with chocolate mousse did nothing for my tastebuds.