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milk flavored with chocolate syrup

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The Adult Chocolate Milk will pass through the whipped cream and settle on top of the Adult Strawberry Milk.
McDonald's, in turn, is making a significant investment by procuring white and chocolate milk in plastic packaging, as well as by conducting:
The School Nutrition Association, American Dietetic Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association and the American Heart Association agree that the nutritional value of low-fat or skim milk more than outweighs any potential downside of added sugar in chocolate milk.
Immediately following exercise and again two hours following exercise, participants consumed a recovery drink of low-fat chocolate milk, a calorie and fat-matched carbohydrate beverage or a non-caloric flavored water.
At the same time, the other student will follow the instructions in the procedure and mime each step to making chocolate milk.
Now scientists are advising older people to stay young by doing gentle exercise, such as a walk, before drinking a glass of chocolate milk.
HPP reduced the psychrotrophic bacteria counts by 5 logs for skim and chocolate milk and by 2 logs for 2% milk.
Beginning on PND47, the light/dark cycle was shifted by 6 hr (lights on at 0000 hr), and assessments were begun with the elevated plus maze (PND52-53) and the chocolate milk consumption test (PND54).
According to a report in Aluminum Now, the Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and Coca-Cola are now offering canned chocolate milk drinks with longer shelf lives.
Cocio was founded in 1951 by Anker Pallesen and since then it has become the most popular chocolate milk drink in Denmark.
has halted production on some of its chocolate milk after small levels of bacteria were detected in the beverage at a factory in the town of Ampachi, Gifu Prefecture, company officials said Tuesday.
Other products include European-style cultured butter, cream cheese, yogurt, and chocolate milk featuring organic chocolate from Costa Rica and organic sugar from Paraguay.
Lowfat Chocolate Milk Becomes the Official Refuel Beverage of Five World-Class Athletic Organizations
When prepared with chocolate milk, they can also be an excellent source of protein - and a tasty treat for kids and adults alike.
Employer provides delivery of chocolates in the following range and quantity - Chocolate milk hard - 750 000 units of tablets,- Dark chocolate - 500 000 pieces of plates,- White chocolate - 250 000 units of blocks,- Milk chocolate with hazelnuts hard - 250 000 pieces of plates,- Hard chocolate milk with additives such delicacies - 250 000 pieces of plates.