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ice cream flavored with chocolate

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Red Velvet New York Mess - Sweet Tooth Delivery White chocolate ice cream scoops, red velvet cake pieces, chocolate ice cream finished with chocolate brownie and chocolate sauce.
With the new addition of the Chocolate ice cream there are now sixteen lines stocked across all major multiples.
Green & Black's Baked Alaska (serves 6-8) Ingredients: 50g slivered almonds; 15g icing sugar; 1 dessertspoon rum; 1 x 20cm sponge cake; agood splash of PX (Pedro Ximenez) sherry; 500ml tub Green & Black's Organic Chocolate ice cream.
London, July 25 ( ANI ): Consumers who prefer dark chocolate in solid form tolerate twice the amount of bitter ingredients in chocolate ice cream than those who prefer milk chocolate, a new study has revealed.
Because they melt together with ice cream, ChocMelts[TM] inclusions release a much richer and more intense chocolate taste than regular chocolate ice cream inclusions.
The Mr Happy Dessert is a chocolate ice cream log with a vanilla ice cream Mr Happy running through it - so every slice will feature the character.
27 -- Baskin-Robbins' Chocofest - an indulgent escape for the chocolate lovers to treat their taste buds with the best chocolate ice cream flavors of the world is back from September 12th - 3rd November 2011.
The cake features Friendly's premium chocolate ice cream with chunks of Girl Scout Thin Mints brand cookies and a crunchy Girl Scout Thin Mints cookie center along with a coating of rich chocolate truffle.
Afikomen Delight: Chocolate ice cream with exactly one piece of matzah per pint.
Derek, who was awarded the best-in-class Cadbury trophy at the event run by The Ice Cream Alliance, was also named Champion of Champions for his chocolate ice cream.
ICE-CREAM SPIDERS You will need: Chocolate ice cream Black licorice sticks Raisins Method: Put a scoop of chocolate ice cream in the centre of a bowl.
The 7-inch diameter creation sports a base of crushed cookie crumbs with a caramel layer, then a two-inch layer of chocolate ice cream with the top embellished with mini chocolate caramel candy cups and crumbled brownie pieces.
So many time my children have demand chocolate ice cream.
It includes a chocolate crE me brulE[umlaut]e, chocolate mousse macaroon with apple and caramel sauce and two brownies with chocolate ice cream," Gregoriou said.
Magnum Classic or white chocolate ice cream is buy one, get one free at pounds 1.