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Laparoscopic visualisation of chocolate cyst has very strong agreement for histopathologically proven endometrioma.
16-20 BENIGN(N=11) Dermoid cyst (1) Present N=14 Simple follicular cyst (4) Present Chocolate cyst (5) Present Serous cystadenoma (1) Present MALIGNANT(N=3) Teratoma (3) Absent 3.
Ossifying chocolate cyst is may be misdiagnosed as teratoma, or calcified ovarian tumour on sonography.
Larger calcifications may be associated with many type of ovarian tumor and chocolate cyst of endometriosis.
Another reason it is difficult to diagnose is that unless there are chocolate cysts (cysts filled with blood that are telltales of the disease), nothing appears through ultrasound or other non-invasive methods like blood tests and examinations.
Necessary intervention was done according to the abnormal finding like hysteroscopic septal resection, excision of chocolate cysts, removal of adhesions, etc.
Benign lesions included fifteen chocolate cysts or endometriomas, five cystadenomas, two mature teratomas and four were simple follicular cysts.