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Synonyms for agar

any culture medium that uses agar as the gelling agent

a colloidal extract of algae


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Nutrient agar was used to isolate non fastidious organisms; chocolate agar was for isolating fastidious organisms, while MacConkey agar was used to differentiate between lactose and non-lactose fermenting organisms.
Chocolate agar showed relatively less growth of Acanthamoeba and the counts were 1.
The growth on chocolate agar showed tiny grey colonies and MacConkey's agar showed nonlactose fermenting tiny colonies.
Brucella species will grow on 5% sheep blood agar, chocolate agar, and infusion-supplemented agar and will appear as pinpoint, nonhemolytic colonies at 48 hours.
Culture media used to recover organisms from the blood were Ashdownagar supplemented with gentamicin 4 mg/L (6), chocolate agar, and blood agar incubated for 24 h at 37[degrees]C after inoculation.
This study was carried out to investigate the impact of 1VX supplementation to chocolate agar for detection of Hib.
5 mL) from each syringe was inoculated onto a chocolate agar plate and incubated at 2230 degrees Celsius for 5 days.
kit supplement for chocolate agar and thayer martin with factor v (nicotinadima adenine, denucleotido, nad) vitamins, amino, coenzymes, ferrous ions and other factors to improve growth neisseria.
After 48 h of incubation, cultures of blood and ascetic fluid were plated onto sheep blood agar and chocolate agar and incubated at 35[degrees]C in an atmosphere of 5% C[O.
Microbiology laboratory will perform Gram stain and will inoculate sets of broth (aerobic and anaerobic blood-culture bottles) and plate cultures similar to blood-culture protocol for both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, depending on the quantity of sample available and results of Gram stain (if positive, plate cultures on blood and chocolate agar can be initiated).
A second isolate grew anaerobically from initial subculture on 5% sheep blood agar but grew aerobically in chocolate agar in 5% CO2 on second subculture.
2], very tiny colonies appeared on the blood and chocolate agar plates.