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Synonyms for chock

a block of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object


Related Words

secure with chocks

Related Words

support on chocks

as completely as possible

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Belzona says this two-component material is specially designed for use as a chocking or grouting compound to endure the physical and thermal shock common to marine environments.
The Vehicle Chocking System is conveniently controlled through a switch in the vehicle dashboard.
The network reports events such as chocking wheels or opening/closing the loading dock door.
The new fatigue analysis and cast-in-situ chocking service combines AMEC's and Furmanite's expertise.
Glomot Penot Systemes of Limoges, France, markets Calematic automated wheel chocking units to lock trucks and semi-trailers into place.
Furmanite's customers around the world are already reaping tremendous benefits by using this truly effective and state-of-the-art conductor analysis and chocking solution," says Gary Gardner, President of Furmanite America.