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packed full to capacity

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Fans hoping for an album chockful of Relight My Fire-esque anthems are in for a shock.
Our own local and National newspapers (including Wales on Sunday) have been chockful of articles grieving her departure.
On the Block," dating from 1990, is the artist's view of an art auction, and it's chockful of well-known figures in the art world, each making various bidding gestures: dealer Alfred Barry, pop icon Andy Warhol, collector Joseph Hirschhorn, the late gallery owner Leo Castelli, and Museum of Modern Art founding director Alfred Barr.
But we can recommend a little paperback that is chockful of invaluable tips on the elementary principles of composition.
By comparison, The Taming of the Shrew is chockful with histrionic stamping.
It is chockful of activities that will result in some unexpected answers, amazing manipulations, and challenging conundrums.
And if you want to really get the most out of a trip that's chockful of professional development, show up a day early and attend a pre-convention seminar on Dec.
This year's mutual fund pickings will be slimmer, but Grace is standing by her portfolio, which is chockful of funds like FPA Capital; it had a total return of 10.
The berries add a sweet touch and are chockful of anti-oxidants.
The new kid on the restaurant block was chockful the day we popped in for lunch, just a week after it opened.
A green pitch, fast outfield and one very short boundary on the pavilion side made for hectic cricket - the second session was chockful of 184 runs and eight wickets, towards Sussex's 291 all out by tea.
This soup was chockful of the stuff (which does a great job of sticking to your teeth) and still didn't taste of a great deal.
Although the Christmas episode is chockful of impressive special effects, Russell T Davies stressed that the series's budget had not been increased for the new series.