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packed full to capacity

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It cuts out the need for zip-lock bags and plastic wrap--not to mention prepackaged, preservative-laden fare--with colorful containers that fit together like a puzzle, and it's accompanied with a "User's Guide" that is chock-full of information about everything from childhood obesity to strategies for dealing with a picky eater.
In this way, we can bring you a top-level conference program chock-full of best-practice, far-reaching, and innovative guidance from the experts at colleges, universities, and leading consultancies worldwide, white offering you all of the benefits of InfoComm attendance as well.
The menu at Las Lilas is chock-full of beef dishes, not surprisingly since the owners have been in the Argentine cattle business for more than 70 years.
And the primary vehicle through which Morandi operated was the massive library he assembled at San Pressede, a library chock-full of forbidden books on occult topics and current politics, all of which he lent out, free, to grateful--and powerful--patrons.
This September October issue is chock-full of new fall books--from both established authors and newly discovered voices.
Chock-full of fun facts and wacky illustrations, this entertaining romp through our nation's past includes interactive quizzes as well as historic photos.
Brad Paisley: ``Mud on the Tires'' (Arista) Nashville's hotshot singer- songwriter and guitarist turns out an album ripped straight out of real life and chock-full of wit.
I used to believe that I had little chance of becoming a happy, productive person if my resume was not chock-full of activities.
54) is not only chock-full of new product developments--it also gives some insight into the industry that makes the largest-selling resin in the U.
Brazilian choreographer Deborah Colker's Rota (1997) is an embarrassment of riches, so chock-full of wonderful ideas that they crowd each other.
Today's almanacs are chock-full of information that never existed in colonial America--sports statistics, rosters of Congress members and presidents, descriptions of emerged nations on the globe, and listings of Academy Award winners.
It is chock-full of references to the Catechism and the other documents of Vatican II, helpfully included in the text itself rather than in the notes.
With a school chock-full of budding talent, the Musicians Institute in Hollywood has retained this industry veteran to shop CDs produced by currently enrolled students to record labels.
Hill does his usual admirable job of smooth narration mixed with light vocal distinctions to help listeners submerge into a novel chock-full of different characters, settings and in this instance, two time periods.
Chock-full of chutzpah, this 257-page treat is fully digestible on any grueling transatlantic flight.