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as completely as possible


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The Al Jazeera roundabout is always chock-a-block with vehicles because there are a couple of expatriate schools located in the area.
Two weeks ago I walked down City Road (which is chock-a-block full of takeaways and fast-food businesses) and only came across one bin in a 10-minute walk.
Between now and Christmas and during the month of January it is going to be chock-a-block with this sort of speculation.
He said: "It is always chock-a-block here at night and today, for example, I have done what I've had to do and have now parked my car where it will stay for the next two days, because if I move it I will lose the space.
IN the same way that tennis courts are always full during Wimbledon and municipal golf courses are chock-a-block immediately after the Open, many a man decides to devote his life to playing arrers during the darts World Championship, writes Steve Palmer.
It is a space chock-a-block with high tech, designer furniture and lighting, custom artwork and unusual construction materials.
Johnson, is chock-a-block with celebrities--Rex Reed interviewing actress Ava Gardner, Gary Wills interpreting Martin Luther King, Wolfe crashing a Leonard Bernstein party--because back then you could still gain access and raise eyebrows with flashy writing gimmickry.
Roads around tourist hotspot STONEHENGE, Wilts, were chock-a-block.
I was down here at 3pm and the car park was absolutely chock-a-block - it has been wonderful weather.
We went to Curley's original store--based at the Kennedy Centre, Belfast--and it was chock-a-block last Friday.
Because fewer horses ship into and out of California than the chock-a-block eastern states, trainers here know the material too well.
The book is rife with historical allusions and chock-a-block with clear discussions of brewing science.
SCOTLAND'S smallest airport is going to be chock-a-block after up to 20 aircraft land on its only runway - the beach.
You've got to admire his energy and ambition--it's Frederick Lewis Allen without the wit, but chock-a-block with information.
The national park is a rare respite from a landscape dominated by beach communities and chock-a-block strip development.