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of or pertaining to or suffering from chlorosis


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Dissecting the mode of Maize chlorotic mottle virus transmission (Tombusviridae: Machlomovirus) by Frankliniella williamsi (Thysanoptera: Thripidae).
Tobacco yellow dwarf virus (TbYDV) from Australia and Chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus (CpCDV) from northern Africa and the Indian subcontinent were being isolated from dicots i.
Caption: This Napa Valley grapevine displays chlorotic leaf mottling.
Although four of twenty four plants (17 %) exposed to debris: soil ratios of 1:2 and 2:2, exhibited chlorotic leaf symptoms that were somewhat similar to those of CBSD, none of them tested positive to the virus even after repeated testing in a triplicate RT-PCR.
coli O157:H7 may team up with the downy mildew pathogen, which invades leaf cells when plants are wet, breaking down the leaf tissue and eventually creating chlorotic (yellowing) and necrotic, dead spots.
The percentage of chlorotic donor plants was low for both the nutrient treatment (4.
Typical symptoms of septoria leaf blotch appeared as chlorotic spots with the presence of small black dots that are pycnidia.
As symptoms progress, leaves become increasingly chlorotic (yellow due to insufficient chlorophyll production) and necrotic (as cells die), and affected leaves often drop early from the plant.
The treatments used in this experiment were: (7) BArg; (2) BT9; (3) BT9 +chlorotic; (4) BT9 + chlorotic + stunt; and (5) BT9 + Brown.
On citrus trees, the species has been frequently registered in Sao Paulo State where infested plants leaves present a light green color and a slightly down-curved shape on the border of the leaves; on lower surface of the leaves, silk-webbings are often present and the on upper surface some chlorotic areas are visible.
Direct injuries are caused by sucking of sap, potentially causing decreased plant vigor, defoliation, wilting, chlorotic spots and premature leaf fall.
Accentuating this impression is a vocabulary that draws a persistent parallel between his family's decline and that of a chlorotic plant.
1] of Ni showed chlorotic leaves with gray spots that coalesced and became necrotic (Campanharo et al.