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of or pertaining to or suffering from chlorosis


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Irregular-shaped chlorotic spots were observed and later coalesced to form blotches.
Phosphatase activities of both cultivars were similar to that of chlorotic bahia-T9.
0 mg/l phosphorus) exhibited poor growth, and resulted in plants with small, chlorotic leaves.
truncata plants were established, biomass production and N-uptake were lower, and plants were stunted and chlorotic (Table 1).
Oaks with chlorotic leaves on cultivated sites with alkaline soils suffered from manganese (Mn) deficiency, while leaves and mistletoe shoots from oaks on sites with acidic soils accumulated Mn.
Also apply chelated iron if leaves are chlorotic (they show yellowing between green veins).
BI: Blistering, CLL: Chlorotic local lesion; Ld: Leaf distortion; M: mosaic; NLL: Necrotic local lesions, NRLL: Necrotic red local lesions; Vc: Vein clearing, -: not infected.
Infected soybean plants will senesce prematurely; foliage will appear chlorotic and pods fail to fill completely (Bowers and Russin, 1999).
In nature, the well-studied cowpea chlorotic mottle virus turns the leaves of the cowpea plant yellow, but it doesn't harm its host.
In debility, anasarca, heart disease, chlorotic anemia, and hysteria he found components of the blood effused into the urine.
The representation of the hysterical body does have a substantial and important life of its own in Renaissance drama, from the chlorotic, "greensick" girl to the lovesick virgin suffering from furor uterinus.
We have been getting very satisfactory results from application of the GOLD'n GRO chelated micronutrient liquid products on chlorotic wine grapes in the central coastal region of California and are pleased that they work on peach trees suffering from a similar condition.
3) Robert Pierce, an English physician and author of the Bath Memoirs (1697), discu ssed the medical intervention of chlorotic girls at his Bath spa "with a vomit, purgings, drinking and bathing in the waters and in a few weeks she would rejoice more to see a Shoulder of Mutton well roasted than a Handful of Mortar out the Wall .
cernua growing at a nursery in South Carolina were observed to display a chlorotic mosaic typically associated with infection by a virus.
The necrotic area is sharply delineated from the healthy portion of the leaf blade by a narrow band of chlorotic tissue sometimes streaked with red as in some varieties of Sorghum.