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a diuretic drug (trade name Diuril) used in the treatment of edema and hypertension

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Maternal ingestion of chlorothiazide diuretics or tolbutamide can have a direct cytotoxic effect on the fetal marrow megakaryocytes.
In the ANBP2 trial, there were similar reductions in blood pressure in the chlorothiazide and in the lisinopril arms.
Other drugs - including blood pressure-lowering medications and diuretics such, as chlorothiazide - actually work better on a full stomach.
12 Percentage of patients prescribed the diuretic chlorothiazide for the treatment of Hypertension
Sivia, Routine ab initio structure determination of chlorothiazide by X-ray powder diffraction using optimised data collection and analysis strategies, J.
In older hypertensive patients, are angiotensinconverting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors or calcium channel blockers more effective than hydro chlorothiazide for preventing CHD events?
1 for the case of a 6 h data collection from a sample of chlorothiazide at a wavelength of 1.