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Synonyms for chlorophyllous

relating to or being or containing chlorophyll

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These bundles were immediately adjacent to photosynthesizing chlorophyllous parenchymatous cells, in the outer extremities of the rachis and presumably functioned to transport nascently synthesized assimilates into the tissues of the rachis.
In contrast, mannitol pretreatment (30 g/l for 3 days) better preserves plastid structure and function, leading to higher rates of chlorophyllous plantlets (Caredda et al.
Each leaf consists of two lobes: an aerial dorsal lobe, which is chlorophyllous, and a partially submerged ventral lobe, which is colorless and cup-shaped and provides buoyancy.
Subgenus Hippochaete has strobili at tips of chlorophyllous branches, whereas subgenus Equisetum possesses strobili on achlorophyllous branches; the chlorophyllous branches are sterile.
2001) observed the presence of chlorophyllous epidermal cells with arm-like projections in certain leaf blades.
Ex situ actions provide an important conservation strategy, so the Germplasm Bank of Tuscia Botanic Garden, with the Herbarium UTV (Tuscia University, Viterbo-Italy), has undertaken a project for the conservation of threatened pteridophytes of the Italian flora, like Osmunda regalis, the Royal Fern, a species with chlorophyllous spores that is declining in Italy because it is linked to vulnerable habitats.