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Synonyms for chlorophyllous

relating to or being or containing chlorophyll

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These bundles were immediately adjacent to photosynthesizing chlorophyllous parenchymatous cells, in the outer extremities of the rachis and presumably functioned to transport nascently synthesized assimilates into the tissues of the rachis.
Starch grains are present in the parenchymatic cells near to the vascular bundles, between chlorophyllous parenchyma and spongy parenchyma.
In this paper, an optimized protocol for in vitro culture of immature inflorescence explants of hybrid bermudagrass Tifton 85 is reported followed by regeneration and establishment of chlorophyllous, true-to-type Tifton 85 plants in the greenhouse.
In Hordeum vulgare, transcripts for the plastid genes rbcL, psbD-psbC and the 16S and 23S plastid RNAs are less represented than they are in chlorophyllous plantlets.
Weakly chlorophyllous but usually incapable of meeting their own nutritional needs
Formulae for determination of chlorophyllous pigments extracted with N,N-dimethylformamide.
Emergence date was defined as the first day after clipping that chlorophyllous tissue was visible.