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a blue-black plant pigment having a blue-green alcohol solution

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The use of the leaf discs from the BRS Energia and BRS Paraguacu cultivars indicated that there was a similar relationship between the degree of leaf greenness, as determined by the portable chlorophyll meter, and the chlorophyll a content, which was extracted by the classical method.
Chlorophyll b concentration was observed to be higher that chlorophyll a concentration in all treatment parameters except for non cryopreserved PLBs which exposed to 30 min DMSO treatment at 24[degrees]C and 20 min DMSO treatment at 0[degrees]C.
Through resonance energy transfer; the excitation is passed on until it reaches the reaction center and one of the chlorophyll a molecules there is excited.
The content of chlorophyll a in the leaves of a small-leaved lime had similar dynamics during the period of active plant vegetation in all tested plantations: it increased in July in comparison with June, and then it decreased in August, but its indices were higher than in June.
The relationship between the chlorophyll readings from both portable meters and the contents of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b was more readily expressed with a quadratic model.
To see whether the slug could actually make new chlorophyll a, Pierce and his colleagues turned to slugs that hadn't fed for at least five months and had stopped releasing digestive waste.
This crop suffering water stress resulted in decreased seed yield, chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, chlorophyll concentration, and yield per hectare and stomatal Conductance.
The effects of different irrigation levels on chlorophyll a and b values were significant (Table 1).
V Chlorophyll a Chlorophyll b Rate of grain content content filling Year ns ns ns Irrigation ** ** ns Y * I ns ns ns R * I 6 2 16 Nitrogen ** ** ** Year* Nitrogen ns ns ns N * I ** ** ns N * I * Y ns ns ns Ea 5 2 18 Split of nitrogen ** ** ns Y * S ns ns ns I * S ns ns ns Y * I * S ns ns ns N * S ns ns ns Y * N * S ns ns ns I * N * S ns ns ns Y * I * N * S ns ns ns Eb 3 1 10 S.
Chlorophyll a and b present in leaves of higher plants are the main pigments of photosynthesis in the chloroplasts and have important functions in the absorption and exploitation of light energy, thereby influence photosynthetic efficiency [22].
When first identified in 1985, Prochlorothrix intrigued biologists because it has both chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b -- a combination of photosynthetic pigments that closely resembles the pigments inside chloroplasts.