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any of a group of green pigments found in photosynthetic organisms

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A positive correlation between the contents of chlorophyl a, chlorophyl b and soluble proteins was observed.
Ubiquitous and opportunistic algae without chlorophyl of the genus Prototheca cause protothecosis, a rare disease that affects both humans and animals (l).
Magnesium (Mg) is an important element for plant, it is a component of chlorophyl and magnesium pectate, is essential for formation of carotenoids and required by a large number of enzymes connected with phosphate transfer [26].
Fungi are among a large group of plants without chlorophyl.
The range of number of spikelets per spike, spike length, plant height and chlorophyl content was lower than the range found by Masood et al.
Land cover classification in Ukrainian carpathians using the MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyl Index and red edge position from Envisat MERIS data, in Proceedings of the ISPRS midterm symposium 2006 on Remote sensing: from pixels to processes, Enschede, the Netherlands [CD Rom].
It is biologically unique in that it has no leaves; it photosynthesizes from the chlorophyl in its roots.
So I grew up with the firm smell of peppermint until it was replaced by chlorophyl tablets, including large-size animal chlorophyl tablets intended and advertised as very satisfactory for farting bulldogs, which I eventually came to take myself in copious numbers - one tablet for every three pints of ale, I eventually calculated.