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The chloroform fraction was chromatographed over silica gel in a column eluting with n-hexane-chloroform and chloroform-methanol mixtures in increasing order of polarity to obtain 12 major fractions labelled as A-L.
Chloroform is a colorless liquid used as an anesthetic, though when used in large doses can supress both the nervous system and respiratory system.
On the other hand, for the development of hybrid PE-b-PEO/ EBBA fibers, block copolymer solution flowed through the inner needle of the equipment and a solution of 5 wt% of EBBA nematic liquid crystal in chloroform through the outer one.
peruviana in chloroform have also suppress settlings of flies on treated guava as compared to control with 30.
Chloroform is extremely toxic and carcinogenic, causes damage to internal organs and irritates eyes and skin.
Subsequently, 700 mL Ethanol, Methanol and Chloroform were added via the receiving flask, using a sequence of solvents of increasing polarity (Methanol, Chloroform and Ethanol) (boiling point range .
In this paper qualitative estimation of plastic dust sizes were performed by its dissolution in chloroform using the simple method of weighing the solution at different time intervals.
Organic solvents such as benzene, cyclohexane, hexane, acetone and chloroform have shown to be effective when used for microalgae.
Craig McCreight was jailed in 2002 for killing Yvonne Davidson in an attack with chloroform.
With ASE, normally immiscible hexane and methanol injected into extraction cells separately were able to nearly duplicate extractions of chloroform and methanol, providing an option for replacing chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents.
Chloroform root extract has reduced the growth of the fungi to its maximum, 2.
TWO brothers who murdered a marketing manager on Christmas Eve using chloroform have both been jailed for at least 30 years.
A "callous and calculating" cash-and-carry worker and his brother have been found guilty of murdering a marketing manager who was smothered with chloroform on Christmas Eve.
monocytogenes 10403S under five extraction conditions; 95% ethanol, chloroform, hexane, sterile distilled water, and autoclaving at 121[degrees]C 15 PSI for 15 minutes.
Chloroform and dichloromethane were the organic solvents.