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a generally green or black mineral

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Chlorite is a 2:1 clay that is often found in soil and is the dominant clay mineral in the inceptisols of the Double N Farm in New Jersey.
Determinations of chlorite structural modifications were made based on the un-treated difffactograms.
Chlorite comprised the majority of the clay mineralogy of the soil (Fig.
Laboratory chlorite peak positions and relative intensities however, show no significant differences in control vs.
to assess the effectiveness of removing chlorites by GAC;
The by-products: chlorites and chlorates were determined by ion chromatography with a DIONEX DX500 system with IonPac AS-9-HC analytical column (4 x 250 mm) and IonPac AG-9-HC guard column (4 x 50 mm) connected with conductivity detector CD-20 (Dionex, USA).
Chlorites removal efficiency was examined in both, Mosina and Fortore pilot plants.