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a common nonmetallic element belonging to the halogens

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While other techniques such as ozonation or using ultraviolet light can kill bacteria at the point of contact, chlorine added to water keeps on killing all the way to the faucet.
Peruvian bureaucrats bought the rhetoric wholesale and greatly reduced the chlorine pumped into the country's water supply.
The proper way of discriminating among chemicals isn't between chlorines and non-chlorines, or between naturals and synthetics.
The campaign against chlorine is a campaign against modern industrial society.
If you remove even one of those para chlorines and leave everything else,' he says, "you have a PCB that will not be persistent in humans or other warmblooded animals, and will no longer belong to this restrictive group of [species] that have toxic activity.
Bacteria feeding on PCBs at the bottom of the Hudson appear to have a particularly avid appetite for just those critical para-position chlorines.
Chlorine gas was used by Germany during the First World War because it is a deadly nerve agent and poison.
Agency for International Development (USAID) lists chlorine as an "acutely hazardous material.
Chlorine, once manufactured during World War I for chemical weapons, is the common denominator in dioxin, DDT, Agent Orange, PCBs and ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons.
business publications dealing with the chemical industry -- Chemical Week and Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) -- have each featured chlorine as a theme in recent issues.
and Canadian governments "develop timetables to sunset the use of chlorine and chlorine-containing compounds as industrial feedstocks, and that the means of reducing or eliminating other uses be examined.
paper makers and pulp producers have resisted moves to eliminate chlorine in the pulp bleaching process by contending that there is no market for a chlorine-free paper product and that no sound environmental reason exists for making a change.
com introduces the VitaC Shower Filter and VitaC Bath Tablets, that neutralize chlorine and turn it into a harmless compound, preventing exposure to chlorine during showering or bathing, while simultaneously promoting good health by boosting the immune system in a Vitamin C rich shower or bath.