chlorine water

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an aqueous solution of chlorine used as a bleaching agent

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Ali Mustafa, the GAPAR Director General said in a statement to SANA that the aid included antibiotics, brine solutions and 200 000 chlorine water purification tablets, pointing out that a medical team had offered treatment and medicines for the ill in sync with continued distribution of food packages, medicine other items to people who have been displaced from Yarmouk Camp who are staying in Zainab al-Hilaliyeh center in al-Tadamon area.
In the first phase of this study, commercial polyethylene pipes were obtained and immersed in deionized (DI) water, while another set was immersed in chlorine water.
NATO and USAID are promoting toxic chlorine water treatment systems and donating them to the people of Afghanistan without disclosing the health risks that result from ingesting chlorine.
Its features include: a dispenser for Redi-Chlor chlorine water disinfection tablets to purify source water, a chlorine dispenser, pre-filter, easy open spout with protective cover, and how-to-use instructions printed on the bottle.
The result: we had flooded our garden and the neighbor's clean pool with chlorine water at the speed of a bullet train in Japan.