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treat or combine with chlorine

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disinfect with chlorine

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He adds the usage of the salt water chlorinator is an environmentally friendly choice as well.
Plaintiff Dawn-Marie Hawkins argued, and the Third Circuit agreed, that because the EPA has regulated packaging only in that area, her claim for defective packaging of the chlorinator tablets is not preempted.
The use of tablets in a chlorinator system for which they were not intended can cause uncontrolled chlorine delivery rates and result in an inadvertent mixing of incompatible chemicals that may generate heat or release toxic gas, potentially causing a violent detonation in the feeder.
The responsibility lies with pool operators to thoroughly understand and follow their chlorinator manufacturer's product guidelines in order to prevent health and safety risks for patrons and operators," Pickens said.
First, the addition of the ClorMatic(R) salt chlorinator product line allows us to integrate this high-growth pool equipment category into our Jandy(R) system, a comprehensive line of pool and spa products designed to meet all the equipment needs of our customers.
Tenders are invited for Supply & installation of Automatic Controlled Chlorinator for accurate dosing and allied works for P/H no.
Tenders are invited for Supply & installation of Automatic Controlled Diaphragm type Chlorinator for accurate dosing for Berhampore P/H no.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Spares For Chlorinator In Pt Plant (Capital Control Make).
Tenders are invited for Fixing of vacuum type chlorinator at filter house Gokak.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Oem Spares For Iecfabchem Make Chlorinator Of 150Kg/Hr Capacity
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Floor Mounted Gas Feed Chlorinator.
Tenders are invited for construction of drinking water supply scheme includes creation of water source, construction of pump house with attendant room, compound wall and approach road, supply and installation of mechanical and electrical instruments, provision of rising mains, distribution network, elevated service reservoirs, installation of chlorinator etc for Munger Nagar Nigam (Ward no-43) with six Months of Trial Run.
PCRW gave 40 chlorinators to CDA but unfortunately 38 0f the chlorinators have been broken due to the carelessness of former.
established in 1947, specializes in repairing pool equipment circuit boards from salt water chlorinators, heaters, automated systems and beyond.