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the addition or substitution of chlorine in organic compounds

disinfection of water by the addition of small amounts of chlorine or a chlorine compound

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The Advisor said that according to public health experts, prevention from naegleria was possible through chlorination of water and using boiled water.
Focal Person of KWSB handling Chlorination issue, Chief Engineer, Noor Mohammad Chohan said water chlorination at Gharo - Pipri, North East and Hub filter plants was being done in accordance to international standard.
Some animal toxicity and human epidemiological studies have suggested that individual chlorination DBPs may be associated with an increased risk of birth defects, spontaneous abortion, delayed puberty, and reduced sperm quality.
For this experiment, samples with a concentration of 5/0 and 1 ppm chlorine was added at 25[degrees]C and pH 7, NaCl electrolysis gas chlorination system Prepared culture medium containing 108 * 1/5 Escherichia coli was injected After the passage of time [30,20,15,10] minutes remaining bacteria levels spectrophotometer made in the USA, now called Hack [HACH] Dr 5000 models were measured And to analyze data from graphs stylish model in Exel software was used.
Effectiveness is a measure of benefit resulting from POU chlorination under real-world conditions of implementation.
The literature was singularly sparse on the subject of chemical modifications of vulcanized rubber, other than a few references to chlorination or bromination to improve adhesion to other materials.
Water chlorination is of increasing environmental concern because of the large amount of chlorine used and its ability to produce toxic byproducts
com/research/85c2a7/whites_handbook_o) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "White's Handbook of Chlorination and Alternative Disinfectants, 5th Edition" to their offering.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fitting of non-electric online automatice water chlorination unit on a hand pump (IM M K II ) capable of providing up to 1 ppm chlorination The Chlorination unit to perferably use solid chlorination agent The Chlorination agent shall be approved for drinking water by authcrities like the NSF wtw (Documentry evidence shall be requied at the time of submission of the tender) The water chlorination technology shall be approved for driking water ( Documentary Evidence shall be be required at the time of submission of the tneder) The chemical should in water and shouldnot have any insluble reidues left after dissolving in water The rate should be inclusive of work of necessary modification to water tank of hand pump for fitting of said unit
The present situation is attributed to severe water crisis in the city where inadequately treated water, in particular context of chlorination, is being supplied to different areas through tankers.
Their Free Salt System offer helped customers switch their chlorination systems to salt chlorination.
Acetaminophen is turned into at least two toxic compounds by chlorination treatment, researchers report in the 15 January 2006 issue of Environmental Science & Technology, raising concerns about the fate of this and other pharmaceuticals that end up in water supplies.
Tap water contains trace quantities of potentially toxic organic chemicals, often a result of water-system chlorination.