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treat or combine with chlorine

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disinfect with chlorine

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The x-ray maps provide an estimate of the depth of penetration of the chlorinating agent.
Either the chlorinating agent had been totally consumed or a low energy material such as oil or wax had leached from the rubber and saturated the TCI solution.
The required disinfection materials include a two-gallon or larger bucket; a length of garden hose long enough to reach as far as possible into the well; a funnel that fits into the end of the garden hose; and a suitable quantity of a liquid or granular chlorinating compound.
The study areas included 14 chlorinating municipalities (CHMs), which were defined as municipalities in which [is greater than] 90% of the municipal population was served by chlorinated water, and 14 matched nonchlorinating municipalities (NCHMs), defined as municipalities in which [is less than] 5% of the municipal population is served by chlorinated water.
The chlorinating compound would include unscented laundry bleach containing five to six percent sodium hypochlorite and swimming pool granules containing 65 percent to 70 percent calcium hypochlorite.
Carcinogenic trihalomethanes are a byproduct of chlorinating water containing organics and are present in chlorinated water supplies worldwide.
The leak was stopped by shutting down the chlorinating system.