chloride of lime

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a white powder comprised of calcium hydroxide and chloride and hypochlorite and used to bleach and/or disinfect

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Then it was mixed with chloride of lime and sulfuric acid in revolving wooden barrels to dissolve the gold.
In World War I, ten million men died on the battlefield, but we needed John Dos Passos to confront us with what that meant: In his novel 1919, he writes of the death of John Doe: "In the tarpaper morgue at Chalons-sur-Marne in the reek of chloride of lime and the dead, they picked out the pine box that held all that was left of" him.
Whether you squatted over a 3 foot deep hole, or one six foot deep with a fresh covering of chloride of lime was for the most part immaterial; (105) while eating outside might frequently be more agreeable than sitting in a dank, ill kept mess-hall.
Chloride of lime will purify the water so that you can drink it safely.
Or if you only want to purify the water you drink and cook with, dissolve a twelve-ounce can of chloride of lime in a gallon of water, and put a teaspoonful of this mixture in every ten gallons of water used for cooking and drinking.