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parenchyma whose cells contain chloroplasts

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Chlorenchyma undifferentiated; spongy mesophyll with less than
Culm in cross-section, presence of chlorenchyma between bundle cap and epidermis for comer vascular bundles, for at least 2 of 3 bundles: absent (0), present (1) 19.
Leaves entire, stellate Brocchinioidea chlorenchyma abundant Leaves toothed, stellate Navioideae chlorenchyma absent
Terete, wings absent 6 Cuticle Striated 7 Trichomes covering Present, conical, unicellular 8 Glandular trichomes Present; stalk unicellular; head multicellular (4-cells) 9 Chlorenchyma Present 10 Collenchyma Present 11 Endodermis Indistinct 12 Pericyclic fibers Present 13 Phloem fibers Present in old stem only 14 Pith Often an angular hollow cells pitted in older stem Leaf structure 1 Phyllotaxy Alternate 2 Shape Linear, lower / Oblanceolate, upper elliptic 3 Size 12-38 x 5-10 mm 4 Apex Obtuse-muronate 5 Surface Hairy Midrib 1 Outline in T.
In combination with the deficiencies observed in the chlorenchyma of these plants, damage to the vascular tissues may have contributed to the stunted development of the plants in the culture medium without silicon compared with the plants in the culture media with silicon.
2010), lacks well-developed leaf blades; it also apparently lacks distinct phytoliths in the epidermis, though it has granulated silica (termed silica sand) in some chlorenchyma cells in the inflorescence axis (Cutler, 1969).