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Unlike PCBs and DDT, chlordane and toxaphene do not have a history of use in the St.
Certain harmful chemicals are particularly likely to follow this route, including PCBs, hexachlorocyclohexane, toxaphene, and chlordane.
Chlordane Insecticide used since 1945 for termite control & wood treatment.
Osbrink, is measuring the insecticide tolerance levels of termites to chlordane, methoxychlor, several pyrethroids, a carbamate, and fipronil.
The pollutants are aldrin, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, dioxins, endrin, furans, heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, PCBs and toxaphene.
The study centered on endosulfan, dieldrin, toxaphene and chlordane, all pesticide chemicals that are known to turn on a gene that makes estrogen in animals.
DARAMEND(R) / TERRAMEND(TM) TREATS THESE COMPOUNDS: PROVEN AT PROVEN AT MAXIMUM COMPOUND FULL/PILOT BENCH SCALE CONCENTRATION TREATED SCALE (mg/kg) Explosives TNT X X 10,100 RDX X X 21,000 HMX X X 2,800 DNT X X 9,450 Nitroglycerine X 540 Amino-DNTs X X 420 Nitrobenzene X 430 PETN X 4,100 Tetryl X X 10,500 TPHs (entire range) X X 7,800 Phthalates X X 2,370 Total Chlorophenols X X 1,224 Pentachlorophenol X X 1,181 Total PAHs X X 2,126 HMW PAHs(1) X X 1,025 Pesticides(2) Toxaphene X X 239 DDT X X 317 DDD X X 180 DDE X X 57 Lindane X X 90 Chlordane X X 231 Total HCHs X 4,000 Dieldrin X X 12 Aldrin X X N/A Endrin Ketone X X N/A 2,4,5-T X X 51 2,4-D X X 170 Metalochlor X X 139 Silvex X N/A 1 - High Molecular Weight PAHs 2 - Not necessarily in order of treatability
Trans-nonachlor is a component of the highly persistent banned pesticide chlordane, and PBDE-28 is one of the polybrominated diphenyl ether compounds used as flame retardants in commercial goods containing polyurethane foam (including furniture and mattresses) made before 2005.
When they have locust plagues in Africa, we get chlordane and DDT that we can't use here anymore, but it comes back to us on the wind," Shinn says.
Joint efforts to manage chemicals under the environmental side-agreement to the North America Free Trade Agreement have already resulted in regional action plans regulating DDT, PCBs, and chlordane, and discussions are now shifting to dioxins and furans.
Similarly, tree bark sampled from more than 90 sites--including several tropical and temperate developing countries--found that DDT, chlordane, and dieldrin were present no matter how remote the area.
Kelthane, a DDT derivative, Chlordane, a highly toxic and mutagenic pesticide, and Ambush, a permethrin-based insecticide, all were safely treated.
For years, pest control operators fought a delaying action with chlordane, an insecticide thought to remain potent in soils for up to 25 years - one trait that proved the chemical's undoing.
Pesticides like chlordane, kepone and heptachlor proliferate breast tumor cells, as studies suggest estrogen does.
Canada and the United States committed to work toward the virtual elimination of twelve Level 1 persistent toxic substances (also known as the "Dirty Dozen") from the Great Lakes Basin, including aldrin/dieldrin, benzo(a)pyrene, chlordane, DDT, hexachlorobenzene, alkyl-lead, mercury, mirex, octachlorostyrene, PCBs, dioxins and furans.