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thick-walled asexual resting spore of certain fungi and algae

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4 mm Conidial wall Smooth Conidial colour Light green Chlamydospore present Spore Germination time 12 -13 Hours
Influence of Trace Amount of Cations and Siderophor reproducing Pseudomonads on Chlamydospore Germination of Fusarium oxysporum.
All species which were positive for germ tube and chlamydospore production were cultured on SDA and kept at 45C for 48-72 h.
palmivora produces large chlamydospores and is easily distinguished from P.
Viability assay: This test was performed to determine if any chlamydospore had survived the in vitro digestibility assay.
Speciation of Candida isolates were done by assessing of germ tube formation, chlamydospore formation on cornmeal agar plus twin 80, chromogenic assay on CHROM agar, carbohydrate assimilation in ID32C system (bioMerix, france).
Chlamydospore production and germ-tube formation by auxotrophs of candida albicans.
colony features, growth rate, pigmentation, microconidia, macroconidia and chlamydospore production from slide cultures and in situ observation on PDA by using the description of Burgess et al.
cutaneum were presumptively identified to the species level by using germ tube test, high temperature (45[degrees]C) tolerance test, carbohydrate fermentation test, urease test and by microscopic examination of chlamydospore, pseudohyphae, budding yeasts and arthroconidia production on Rice Extract Agar (REA) medium.
Chlamydospore production, inoculation methods and pathogenicity of Fusarium oxysporum M12-4 A, a biocontrol for Striga hermonthica.
On observing Gram staining from SDA and Blood Agar plates, Candida species appeared as gram positive budding yeast cells with Pseudohyphae, Chlamydospore and blastoconidia.
Then its growth was examined for colony morphology on Sabouraud's Dextrose Agar and chlamydospore production on Cornmeal tween 80 agars.