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People had been trying for about 50 years to identify peptidoglycan in Chlamydiae but had failed even though there was a lot of indirect evidence pointing to its existence," notes Kuru.
Being an intracellular pathogen, chlamydiae possess little intrinsic toxicity (Debattista 2003).
We are convinced that with Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines' world-class expertise in the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative vaccines, they will best utilize the high quality and comprehensive genomic information we have generated to rapidly develop and market new Chlamydiae vaccines.
The course of infection was monitored by cervico-vaginal swabbing and chlamydiae were isolated in tissue culture and enumerated using immunofluorescence.
Direct identification of chlamydiae from clinical samples using a DNA microarray assay: a validation study.
Birds with subclinical infections can shed chlamydiae intermittently over long periods, contributing to the dissemination of the agent.
Following are 100 contributed chapters arranged in sections on actinobacteria; fermicutes; tenericutes; bacteroidetes, chlamydiae, and fusobacteria; proteobacteria; spirochaetes; and pan-bacterial detection.
Chlamydiae (with phages), mycoplasmas, and Rickettsiae in Chesapeake Bay bivalves.
We hypothesized that mice immunized with MOMP expressed by Vibrio cholerae ghosts will have a decreased shedding of chlamydiae in the genital tract as compared to nonimmunized mice.
Chlamydiae in free-ranging and captive frogs in Switzerland.
The isolated pathogen was able to grow in specific-pathogen-free (SPF) chicken embryos and McCoy cell lines and was identified as Chlamydiae by immunofluorescence assay and PCR.
In the primary infection, the intensity of the disease (measured by shedding of chlamydiae in the genital tract) was comparable during the first 3 weeks after infection in both FcR-KO and control mice.
Phylogenetic analysis of the outer-membrane-protein genes of chlamydiae, and its implication for vaccine development.
shedding of chlamydiae into the genital tract) than IL-[10.