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in a gallant manner


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During airings of the Today Show on February 26th and 28th, Matt Lauer and Carson Daly each responded chivalrously when co-host Savannah Guthrie mentioned she was cold during segments filmed outdoors.
The male protagonist rescues her from her over-emotional self and brings her home where he chivalrously puts her on the couch/bed.
By tidying up the gender confusions in the language of the play, editors have chivalrously protected Rosalind against references that point to her underlying male identity in the Shakespearean theater and that could thereby deflect from her status as Shakespeare's ideal woman, the personification of the spirit of the Forest of Arden.
On a more sober note, he's eaten burgers with Justin Timberlake and Samuel Jackson; checked out Rod Stewart's treasured model train set, and once chivalrously rescued Cameron Diaz from over-zealous admirers, prompting her to label him 'My hero
In chivalrously attributing to the lady a superhuman chastity, critics as well as poet evade the responsibility imposed on the believer by an Augustinian conviction of human weakness.
NNA - 04/09/2012 - Lebanese Forces MP accused the Syrian regime of wreaking havoc on all those who chivalrously remind it that Lebanon is a free, independent, and sovereign country, calling on the Lebanese government to fully cutting relations with Syria.
Expectant mother Twinkle looked radiant flaunting her baby bump even as Shubhaan chivalrously helped her into the theatre.
All that these women have left is the picture of that young woman with the blue bra, as the soldiers dragger her with one chivalrously stomping on her chest.
Whereas a wealth of recent scholarship has thoroughly dispelled the myth that the Wehrmacht acted chivalrously in the East, Wylie shows that considerations of honor and humanity at times influenced German treatment of British soldiers in captivity.
Naturally, the nauseating, shovel-faced former MP chivalrously downplayed McKeith's fate.
Hulse then chivalrously refused to celebrate - a gesture which went down well with the home fans.
16) Apart from this hint--if hint it is--Swinburne chivalrously kept the identity of his lost love a closely guarded secret, although it is probable that Watts-Dunton as his most intimate friend in his latter years (and thus, Watts-Dunton's wife, Clara) would have known or guessed the truth; "I know dear Swinburne told him everything," writes Clara at the end of her recollections of Swinburne (Clara Watts-Dunton, p.
An artistic pictorial study of the female form divine is a very beautiful thing', Edwardes would chivalrously allow, in a symposium on the subject published in November in the New Review, 'but I consider that the impersonation of the nude upon the stage is calculated to do a deal of harm'.
His new job happened quite by chance after the granddaughters of the woman he chivalrously describes as his 'lady friend', Shirley, paid a visit to the Woodhorn Colliery Museum in Ashington, Northumberland.
The son of a Gernian cavalry officer, Nevare is taught to adhere to the strict honor code of his society, behaving chivalrously towards respectable women, acting bravely in battle, and fiercely maintaining his family's reputation for honest and forthright dealing in public.