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Synonyms for chivalric

respectfully attentive, especially to women

Synonyms for chivalric

characteristic of the time of chivalry and knighthood in the Middle Ages

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Moreover, to what extent was noble behaviour influenced by chivalric values?
One style was imperial, in the form of what Canizares calls "chivalric epistemology," which depicted the cosmographer as a knight--and lest one think that chivalric science is a peculiarly Hispanic or Iberian style, Canizares lays that notion to rest in his most recent book, Puritan Conquistadors (2007)--the other was a style that Canizares calls "patriotic science," which sought to defend the Spanish colonial territories and newly emerging nations from European accusations of backwardness.
The Order of the Garter is unique amongst chivalric societies of the medieval period for having survived until the present day.
Unlike Stockmann, however, McKellen's views haven't made him a pariah, probably because the 59-year-old actor manages to maintain his polite, chivalric bearing even while taking an admitted pleasure in stirring things up.
Surveying the lives of a large number of medieval and early modern figures, Wollock argues for a re-assessment of the notion of chivalry and chivalric lives to include women in courtly settings, thus correcting post-medieval definitions.
Malte Prietzel, by contrast, explores the orations of Philip the Good's prized councilor, Guillaume Fillastre (made chancellor of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1461), and shows how his extant works advance ducal leadership as the model of virtuous governance and chivalric excellence.
His Plantagenet heritage (he was the son of John I and Philippa of Lancaster, therefore the great-grandson of Edward III and nephew of Henry IV) was important to him not least in giving him an ideal of late medieval chivalric behaviour to live up to.
Archipelagoes; insular fictions from chivalric romance to the novel.
He identifies a triad of components that characterizes Elizabethan romances: the chivalric code, the pastoral mode, and the "mirror for princes" tradition.
Regina Paski on Italian, Thomas Hahn on Gawain and popular chivalric romance in Britain, Felicity Riddy on English families, family reading practices, and family romances, and Marina S.
of Akron) has overseen the work of 16 scholarly contributors to shape a narrative that begins with the origins of knights and chivalric ideals and then focuses on everyday life, castles, armor, weapons, and tournaments, before looking at knights through time--their rise, the Norman era, the Crusades, the Reconquista, and their decline.
Zatti establishes his reading of the Liberata on the conflict for hegemony between opposing systems of values, a conflict that "is rooted in late Renaissance Italian society, within the crisis of humanist values that had supported Ariosto's reformation of the chivalric genre" (140) and the limits imposed by the Catholic Reformation.
Lynn Staley, `Pearl and the contingencies of love and piety'; Paul Strohm, `John Lydgate, Jacque of Holland, and the poetics of complicity'; Lee Patterson, `Heroic laconic style: reticence and meaning from Beowulf to the Edwardians'; Christopher Cannon, `Malory's crime: chivalric identity and the evil will'; and Sarah Beckwith, `Absent presences: the theatre of resurrection in York'.
He then compares them to Shakespeare's Othello, noting the use of the medieval chivalric model as epitomized by Othello, as contrasted to the Machiavellian, "Renaissance" actions of Iago.
Dunn and Jehenson build a strong case in favor of their reading of the classic novel by alternating chapters on Don Quixote's chivalric utopia and Sancho's economic utopia through an understanding of socioeconomic realities at the end of the sixteenth century.