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Synonyms for chitter

make high-pitched sounds, as of birds


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Nearby, a marsh wren chitters in a tree and a savannah sparrow settles in below it.
Suddenly the yard exploded with chitters, chatters, caws, and squeaks.
We meet in our diagonals me, heading for the middle-class lawn in its virginal blanket and odd bouffant puffs hovering over the swing-set, and him, bee-lining for some futuristic aluminum garbage cans that must be very compelling, because the shrunk refuses to give ground, and equally that shunk refuses to advance when I give ground My feet are supremely numb and daring in my cheap black pumps with the clean snow melting into my insteps, and this skunk, the type of which I have never seen before I came to Provincetown being more white than black, and looking like a pursy Persian cat, is now having some sort of fit First it stomps its little feet--then arches its back and chitters.