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a woolen tunic worn by men and women in ancient Greece

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primitive elongated bilaterally symmetrical marine mollusk having a mantle covered with eight calcareous plates

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Type species: Chiton textilis Gray, 1828, by subsequent designation (Gray 18476: 168).
He has previously determined that the chiton teeth contain the hardest biomineral known on Earth, magnetite, which is the key mineral that not only makes the tooth hard, but also magnetic.
the team thinks that aplacophorans actually evolved from chitons by shedding their shells.
statement is highly offensive since a chiton is an undergarment, worn
spatulatus, the collections also contained numerous specimens of four other chiton species.
granosa Wk-17746 3625 marine shell Beta-44836 3450 charcoal Beta-65997 2900 marine shell Beta-47223 2900 charcoal Beta-47222 2590 marine shell Beta-44835 2470 charcoal V-60 2445 charcoal V-59 2370 East Arnhem Chiton sp.
A bronze kneeling female figure with the foundry markmade pounds 850 while a stylised figure of a girl wearing a Doric chiton, also with foundry marks sold for pounds 900.
While reference to Nino's hair shirt is meant to identify her as a person who lived ascetically, it also might have been intended to establish some hagiographical connection to the tradition of Jesus' chiton and Elijah's mantle, both items having been believed to have found their final resting place in Georgia.
Toothy monsters wearing fur and chiton live in soundless caverns and holes under water, some are bacteria, others are titans.
Critical care management, treatment of pneumonia with vancomycin and cefotaxime, and administration of rabies vaccine (Rabipur, Chiton, Marburg, Germany), following the 0-, 3-, 7-, 14-, 28-day regimen, were continued.
In Boucher's painting, The Abduction of Europa (1734), she wears only a droll grimace and a scrap of pink silk, Boucher's notion of a chiton, baring not only her shoulders but most other parts as well, as she stretches to hang garlands around his horns.
imbricata on and near the Las Cabeceras bed includes 89 species: 48 gastropods, 34 bivalves, 6 cephalopods, and 1 chiton (Fig.
For Andromeda is chained to a rock wearing a delicately woven white chiton (3,7,5) and Philomela tries to hold the torn shred of her garment across her half-exposed breasts (5,3,6).
His ballets brim with his own observations, things animal, vegetable, and mineral, beginning with the Siren in The Prodigal Son: she's a black widow spider in a red hourglass chiton.