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So what may seem like idle chit chat often serves as an exploration into the context of others who operate within our professional ecosystem.
Chit Chat responded well to the urgings of Richie McLernon to get past Grovemere in the closing stages of the 3m novice handicap hurdle for a lengthand-three-quarter verdict.
Freelance make-up artist Debbie Bryan made up the students, from Brynmawr - one with make-up from top cosmetic company Lancme and the other with the Chit Chat range.
The afternoon consists of indoor bowling, chair-based exercise classes, darts, board games and general chit chat.
In the novel "What the Storyteller Brings", Rosaline gathers her girlfriends every week for chit chat and a story.
STOCKTON: The Chit Chat Club, an informal group for stroke sufferers, meets once a month in the Alma Centre in Stockton.
Yet despite the Keystone Cops finale and the fact that for someone in a hurry Phil had a hell of a lot of time for chit chat, one thing was undeniable.
Kevin Coral stood in front of 10 black students in his John Coltrane T-shirt and khaki corduroys, trying to hush the chit chat before a performance at an Evanston Township High School evening class.
In fact Sin's almost like a perfect party guest: making chit chat, keeping the conversation going, asking people about their family,complimenting the chef.
Mr MacKenzie, who taught English and history at Bowmore High School for many years, had been ashore and was about to return to his yacht Chit Chat in a dinghy when he fell at Arisaig Pier.
There's a real tension here between not spending too much time in fruitless chit chat with the other side and not missing golden opportunities for real human conversation and correction of mistaken ideas on any side.
Ben is having an affair with Janey Carver (Weaver), who seems to be bored by everything; when Paul tries to make typically over-intellectualized, post-coital chit chat, she cuts him off by reminding him she already has a husband.
Another of his works was Chit Chat by Pierce Pungent (1857).
Phonetime markets its own branded pre-paid calling cards (Nuvo, Bravo, Chit Chat, Eureka, Hot and Call Value) across the country.
The Chit Chat Club for older people wanting to socialise meets at the Canon Winter Centre in Elland tomorrow, Wednesday, March 13.