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With every vote, every campaigning sinew, every form of local pressure right down to letters in the newspapers, to build OUR coalition against the coalition of chisellers.
For example, on hearing that his family had been allocated a house in Crumlin, Brendan Behan told his brother, Dominic, that "the chisellers in Kimmage don't have time to play games, they have to go huntin' with their fathers.
If anybody was guilty the entrepreneurs and chisellers on the fight fringe were.
Only two weeks ago I warned that Tory chisellers would target concessionary travel next, and before you could say Dodgy Dave it's on a Conservative website.
The young chisellers will find, all too soon, that life after school is considerably harsher than anything encountered in make-shift classrooms, whiffy lavatories and school halls where lurk the ghosts of long-since eaten lunches.