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I've had these pudgy little corporate chisellers at the Odeon, Warner and UCI in my sights for a while.
For example, on hearing that his family had been allocated a house in Crumlin, Brendan Behan told his brother, Dominic, that "the chisellers in Kimmage don't have time to play games, they have to go huntin' with their fathers.
If anybody was guilty the entrepreneurs and chisellers on the fight fringe were.
With every vote, every campaigning sinew, every form of local pressure right down to letters in the newspapers, to build OUR coalition against the coalition of chisellers.
The spivs, the bullies, the chisellers and the bullshitters rule our game, sometimes with the collusion of chairmen rooting around next to them at the trough.
To paraphrase an old Newmarket trainer, "not all people who go racing are chisellers but all chisellers go racing".