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As the managing partner of Arnold, Fortas, and Porter, he felt he could in good conscience represent polluters, chiselers, and cigarette companies, because everyone deserved representation, no matter their character or practices.
In 1943, FDR returned to deliver another speech designed to lift troops' morale and to attack others unsupportive of his plans, in a moment of crisis rhetoric: "I could not truthfully deny to our troops that a few chiselers, a few politicians, a few--to use a polite term--publicists .
This citizen legislator thing can turn people into chiselers.
But people are not mad at black welfare chiselers, they're mad at welfare chiselers, period.
Like it or not, it's broadly and unfairly viewed as a collection of bores and chiselers.
There are chiselers in every trade and I sincerely wish I could expose some of those I've been taken by.