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But people are not mad at black welfare chiselers, they're mad at welfare chiselers, period.
Like it or not, it's broadly and unfairly viewed as a collection of bores and chiselers.
There are chiselers in every trade and I sincerely wish I could expose some of those I've been taken by.
115 (2005) ("We will not rest until the cheats and chiselers and the charlatans spend a large chunk of their lives behind the bars of a federal prison.
60) "Meeting the Unemployment Situation," Tribune, 14 September 1931; "Misdirected Sympathy," Tribune, 25 January 1936; "War on Relief Chiselers," Tribune, 6 February 1936; "Offensive Panhandlers," Tribune, 16 June 1936.
In the 1890s a group of Wall Street chiselers, with connections in Washington, purchased the Dominican national debt.