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Synonyms for chirrup

a series of chirps


Related Words

make high-pitched sounds

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She hears a chirruping noise in one of the trees, and wonders if it is a bird like the one in the story, but when she looks up it's gone.
Cheerful yellow daffodils have arrived to brighten up their drab surroundings, evenings are lighter, Huddersfield skies are blue - well, bluish - and birds are chirruping themselves silly at daybreak.
IMAGES OF EDEN Sunday morning, newspapers, sherry, relaxation In the back garden, deep sighs, Sunny, warm, July's surprise, birds chirruping, Idle thoughts, closing eyes, A blackbird's full song, serenading, butterflies, The church clock awakes me, Feeling good, smelling food, flowers and cut grass, Finish my cuppa tea, Blue above, greenery, vivid colours, bathed in warmth, And sudden silences, The whispering breeze, my dog snoring at my feet, So full of nature's surprises, Where better to be, to feel life's quality, to experience, The joy of nature's worth, As someone once famously said - 'You're nearer to God in a garden, than anywhere else on earth'.
Paint your own bird box The sweet chirruping of birds as they flitter about the garden of a Sunday morning surely ranks as one of the loveliest natural pleasures out there.
Enjoy traditional meals in a charming thatched pavilion, surrounded by the music of chirruping crickets.
With vocals like a bird chirruping, Them That Do Nothing is delivered with a cheery, tuneful thump and a grim Tyne/Tees smile.
Told in rhyme, we see a number of colourful birds land on the branch of a tree, chirruping and ru-tu-tuing.
Now even MPs are getting fed up with fellow MPs chirruping on Twitter or emailing on Blackberries instead of debating affairs of state.
Niki Evans and a bloke with a puppet have all been chirruping away in the papers about how exploited they all were and what a tough experience being on a TV talent show was.
Bird song and grasshoppers' chirruping filled our ears and all around us were so many wild plants which are no more.
Kathryn, a 28-year-old florist, lies on the operating table, chirruping away about her love of horse racing.
You're suddenly aware of the chirruping of millions of crickets, wood smoke from thousands of cooking fires and an inky firmament with billions of stars.
Languidly drifting down the coppercoloured river Tana, flanked by trees and the chirruping of birds, and having curiosities like the hanging nests of the weaver birds, pointed out to us was a blissful introduction to Kenya.
Her opening chirruping bird calls on her instrument had an element of fantasy, without being sentimental.
An "evocation of a stubborn belligerence" defining the Middle East conflict, maybe (FACT'S leaflet again); but the work's effectiveness is underwritten by its sheer bizarreness and the chirruping, solipsistic leprechauns' capacity to annoy.