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f]) in degrees Fahrenheit from the number of chirps per minute [N.
Because the distance from the microphone to sound source could not be controlled during male-female interactions, spectral and temporal characteristics of chirps made in the male-female interaction context were not included in statistical tests.
CO alarms don't last forever, and will sound a required "end-of-life" chirp typically after five to seven years of power.
It works much like any other social media service used to upload whatever you want to share, but Chirp notifies other people about what you have shared - it turns information about your upload into a sequence of 20 musical notes, played rapidly through your phone's speaker, which can be heard and decoded by any other Chirp-equipped device within earshot.
Below, several modifications of short-time chirps and their parameters will be discussed and compared to typical long chirps.
3 * Note: chirps are not arranged in series in the undescribed species, rather chirps follow a regular uninterrupted pattern.
We have standing ovations every night," Cerveris chirps.
A BUDGERIGAR whose beak was torn off in a fight is being kept alive by her caring mate who feeds her every time she chirps.
While his position against binarism holds merit, the chapter chirps along so glibly at times that it detracts from the point (see 99).
It is said that if you count the number of times a cricket chirps in a minute, subtract forty, divide the answer by four, and add fifty to the result, you will get the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.
They are said to have twice |the protein of raw meat and fish and are rich in unsaturated fat and important vitamins and minerals In Thailand when pesticides |failed to control locusts, the government urged locals to eat them and distributed recipes It is said the temperature can |be worked out by the number of chirps.
The study points out the increased harshness of the chirps could indicate greater arousal levels.
rhinoceros in rearing cages produced frequent, audible stridulations in multiple series of 3 to 6 (most frequently 4) chirps separated by variable intervals (Fig.
A mutation for silence has spread so fast because an invasion of deadly flies finds male crickets to attack by following their chirps, says Marlene Zuk of the University of California, Riverside.
Using equipment designed to study the very high-pitched bleeps that bats make, scientists have found that the frog calls also include very high-pitched chirps that topped 20 kilohertz (20,000 cycles per second)--sound frequencies that people can't hear.