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beautiful handwriting

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A textual discipline today, theology includes older oral, homiletic, liturgical, musical, architectural, chirographic, print, and visual traditions that require different rules of interpretation.
While the wordstruck student spells out what he reads on "barns and wagons, almanacs, horse-medicine-bottles, wrapping-paper" (27), he seems to make a linguistic passage into a chirographic world that parallels his earlier crossing of the creek.
Second, he suggests stages of interpretation, aligned with the stages of cultural expression he had identified in earlier works: oral cultures, chirographic cultures, typographic cultures, and electronic cultures.
But how does the modern and Westernized Yoruba poet function in an equally chirographic or scribal culture?
108) Sanskrit tatra, however, needs here to be translated by der, so that de is simply wrong, and is probably owed to the chirographic fact that the final -r of der may easily have been omitted in the course of the manuscript transmission of the text.
The Corporation is proud to announce that during the creditors' meeting held today, the chirographic creditors of the Corporation, Les Ailes de la Mode Incorporees and Les Editions San Francisco Incorporees have approved the Amended Plan.