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the act of chipping something

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I wanted to create a gourmet burger with a uniquely local twist, so I've topped it with local bacon smoked at the village smokery using chippings blended with shavings from the legendary Pontfadog Oak.
Lot 4: Surface Dressing Chippings including 6 mm and 10 mm uncoated chippings, Roadmaster Chippings and Slurry Aggregate
If the practice of running hot tar round the edge of the patch before and after the final coat of tarmac is rolled in had been employed at the time the patch was made, then a seal would have been achieved hence eliminating the need for tar and chippings.
It is a cheap way of extending the life of the road by up to a decade - but is controversial because the chippings often become loose causing problems, not least for cyclists.
But make sure it is suitable for mulching and not fresh chippings, which will suck nitrogen from the soil around the plants.
The three-year-old pet lived up to its reputation when it secretly gobbled down more than 140 loose chippings and continued running around as normal for weeks.
Around 700 tonnes of rubber tyre chippings were alight at the Tyre Recycling Facility site of waste management business Niramax, at Tofts Farm Industrial Estate, off Brenda Road in Hartlepool.
I hope that you don't think that you can lay tarmac on top of those chippings because it will just lift off again.
It operates from its processing plant in Heol y Cyw, near Bridgend, and sells its chippings for use as bedding for livestock and horses, top layers for countryside footpaths and as an environmentally friendly supplement to fossil fuels burned in power stations.
Every year,hundreds of miles of roads are covered in loose chippings on top of newly-laid tar and while drivers should keep their distance from the car in front, contractors have a duty to make sure loose chippings are swept up.
Two gardens from earlier festivals have been retained and replanted: an essay in dry-stone walling first made to mark the Millennium and now planted with thistles and umbelliferae [Palestine by Marmiroli, France, & Whalid, Palestine] and a mirror-garden featuring a river of colour-differentiated glass chippings [by Barzi, Casares & Co, Argentina].
GRIEVING relatives are furious after grass in a cemetery was replaced with garish green wood chippings.
The grade reported by De Beers from only 55 tonnes of drill chippings is 8.
uk Councillor slams Kirklees road surface as 'cheap' and 'dangerous to cyclists' after loose chippings spread on road I nearly came a cropper while commuting to work by bike too.
The machine shall be new and unused The machine shall be self propelled and suitable for single operator working The machine shall be designed to spread chippings of various sizes at variable rates of spread and at variable widths.