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On the plate: turkey, stuffing, two chipolatas, three roast potatoes, sprouts and carrots (there is a choice of two veg from carrots, sprouts and peas) Yorkshire pudding and gravy.
Add 450g (1lb) lean pork leg cubes, 4 Chipolata -sausages (squeeze, twist and cut, and make into 8 smaller sausages) and 2 rashers lean back bacon, finely chopped and cook until lightly browned.
And sausage dog Carne is more like a slimline chipolata after shedding the excess weight he had been lugging about.
Because what we didn't read in her diaries last week (the paper that serialised them thought it would be too cruel) was that Prezza's todger is apparently the size of a cocktail sausage - not a chunky four-inch pork and leek sausage mind you, but a little chipolata.
Surely that's a private matter between his chipolata, his wife and a carving knife?
Goat's cheese fondue might be fine for the Tarquins and Henriettas at ITV Towers but for most of us normal people a couple of sausage rolls and a wizened chipolata will do fine thanks, Antony.
Fork out for a chipolata with a high meat content and you'll get a really good source of iron.
Sticky venison sausages and cranberry Either use venison chipolata sausages, or cut up full-sized ones into four.
Ingredients: a little butter, for the dish 18 chipolata sausages 250g/9oz large cherry tomatoes, some halved, others left whole
The fact that he was pulling off 100 kilo cocaine deals, holding up banks at gunpoint, and was so tanned and oily that he looked like an enormous Cockney chipolata, was obviously meant to be overlooked.
SAINT Chipolata, Pork, Extra Lean, Be Good To Yourself, Sainsbury's, 189 cals per 100g.
The sausage dog is more of a chipolata after shedding a total of 11lbs.
Here's what inmates in the North East will be eating on Christmas Day: HMP Durham Lunch: QQ Roast turkey and pigs in blankets; Q Pork chop; Q Halal chicken breast; or, Q Mushroom pie Dessert: QQ Black forest gateaux, or Q Banana HMP Frankland Lunch: QQ Mushroom and lentil bake; Q Halal diced peppered beef casserole; or, Q Roast turkey and gammon with a chipolata sausage and stuffing Q With roast potatoes, carrots and sprouts Dessert: QQ Christmas pudding and white sauce, or Q Fruit cocktail HMP Low Newton Lunch: QQ Roast turkey with stuffing; Q Bacon rolls; or, Q Spinach and onion tartlet Q With roast potatoes, roast parsnips, Brussel sprouts, carrots and gravy; or, Q Vegan Schnitzel Q Vegan spicy bean and vegetable bake Dessert: QQ Christmas pudding and sweet white sauce, or Q Fruit
Throughout the festive season, the hotel will be offering roast turkey for take-away, prepared to perfection with bread stuffing and served with all the traditional trimmings such as glazed carrots, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, chipolata sausage with beef bacon and complemented with turkey gravy and cranberry sauce.