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a federal warning system that is activated by FEMA

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com/research/084045/printed_and_chiple) has announced the addition of the "Printed and Chipless RFID Forecasts, Technologies & Players 2011-2021" report to their offering.
Item level tagging is expected to offer the maximum growth opportunity for chipless RFID technology, followed by critical applications such as e-passport and banking cards.
Main Features of the M-real/ VTT technology HidE chipless RFID and IDTechEx portrayal of a typical format for conductive ink stripes on this product and the ACREO product about 1centimeter by six centimeters.
Exhibit 3: Global Chipless RFID Market by Geographical Segmentation (by Consumption) 2011
Frequencies of Second Generation Chipless RFID Technology II-26
Chipless RFID smart labels can be electronically interrogated to reveal ID and other data.
View Chipless RFID Market Report with TOC @ http://www.
Their topics include the analysis and design of meander line dipole antennas, a beam forming algorithm with different power distribution for RFID readers, mastering the electromagnetic signature of chipless RFID tags, object analysis with visual sensors and RFID, and wireless sensor network protocols applicable to RFID systems.
o In coming years - The numbers of printed and chipless RFID tags sold globally are expected to rapidly gain market share, predicted to rise from $12 million in 2011 to $209 billion in 2021 (IDTechEx).
The 329 page study, published in June 2011, provides a detailed overview of the chipless RFID tags market, including statistical data for the period 2008-2017, split by geography: US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Germany, UK, Italy, Rest of Europe and Asia-Pacific.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Chipless RFID Tags in Volume (Million Pieces) and Value (US$ Million).
Affordability, compatible to existing infrastructure, working capability in all conditions, data accuracy, and simple technology has increased the demand of the chipless RFID across various applications worldwide.
The study also gives a brief analysis and outlook for the market of chipless RFID, which is expected to find an increased adoption in applications in the coming years.