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a cheap hard material made from wood chips that are pressed together and bound with synthetic resin


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The chipboard exploits the cucumber plant's strong fibrous strands to create a dense and durable material held together with resin.
WHILE Alexis was crawling around in the cellar, I was also on my hand and knees laying a chipboard floor in the attic.
Meanwhile, officers are planning to leave the birds in peace and set fire to their chipboard elsewhere on the site.
The rod and wooden block were painted, using the same color as the chipboard.
Main features: concerning this consultation : Marianne label Renewal Audit of the Andre Malraux multimedia library of chipboard Beziers Mediterranean.
It forced the firm to shut down chipboard production although it carried on manufacturing other items such as kitchen cupboards.
WOOD panel maker Egger UK plans to make its second pounds 20m investment in a year to improve the Hexham factory which it says is now the most advanced chipboard plant in Europe.
Main features: creation of a website for the Community of agglomeration saint-lo chipboard
According to the programme issued by the company here on Monday, power supply from Mebal, Darya Khan and Chipboard feeders emanating from 66-KV Rakh Dagran grid station will remain suspended from 9:00 a.
A BUSY road had to be closed when 17 tonnes of chipboard fell off a lorry - and the driver didn't realise.
30pm ITV) WHAT'S the difference between 12mm chipboard and 18mm chipboard?
Hopefully the cracks are due to poorly laid floor adhesive, not because the tiles were laid on modern chipboard flooring.
com offers Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Particleboard (Chipboard) Industry, 2009-2019, China Particle board manufacturing industry company profile list report 2012 and Russia: Chipboard Market (DSP) Analysis and Forecast to 2017 research reports in its store.
Brainchild of Hexham MP Guy Opperman, the competition saw students Harriet Barrett and Matthew Ross compete against teams from Haydon Bridge, Prudhoe and Hexham to win the coveted chipboard trophy, courtesy of the Hexham chipboard factory of sponsor Egger UK - Northumberland's largest manufacturing employer.
Gather your supplies 55 tabloid-sized newspapers Mod Podge (sealer/glue) 2 belts you'll also need Sticky tape; scissors; extra newspapers; paintbrush; drill; 1 packet 10g x 75mm countersunk ribbed-head chipboard screws; screwdriver; 25 bolt screws (optional) Step 1 Tightly roll 1 newspaper into a cylinder shape.