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a cheap hard material made from wood chips that are pressed together and bound with synthetic resin


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Ikea Industry Lithuania's chipboard and furniture manufacturing facilities in Kazlu Ruda, in southern Lithuania, employ a total workforce of over 700 people.
As of August 1, import licensing is introduced in Belarus for certain types of chipboard and fibreboard (MDF for instance), as well as products made from plaster.
And our sister company in Barony, Ayrshire, is working normally and has been supplying chipboard to Hexham to meet the requirements of the lamination line.
MATERIAL * 2 paper cups (8-ounce or larger) * 1 sheet chipboard (8 1/2 x 11) * 5 rubber bands * 4 straws * 4 wooden barbeque skewers * 5 coins * duct tape * wide container partially filled with water (kiddie pool, bathtub, sink)
chipboard, paper cups, rubber bands, straws, washers, and wooden skewers) and will float their boats in containers of water (e.
CONTROVERSIAL factory Sonae has restarted chipboard production - six months after a devastating fire.
Each durable shelf is made of tough chipboard, can hold up to 136kg in weight and is height adjustable to make room for larger tools and equipment.
A typical system comprises floor pedestals supporting chipboard panels that are encased in galvanised steel.
Vance Miller sends customers shoddy chipboard units rather than the classy wooden products they expected at bargain prices.
The Reading branch has provided materials ranging from tongue and groove chipboard, to bespoke products used in set construction for the past three years.
Drill a line of 3mm (1/8in) holes in the chipboard, halfway between where the pillows end and top of the board.
The five-headbox, two-shoe press, five-coating station Metso board machine produces gigantic rolls of 250-400 gsm white lined chipboard (WLC).
MFI produces laminated chipboard for work-tops, kitchen surfaces and wardrobes at its Howden factory.
Able to operate up to four wax jet printheads on up to two production lines, the printer is designed for high-resolution, small character performance on nonporous substrates such as plastic, chipboard, and films, and is capable of printing one to five lines of text at a vertical print resolution of 80 dpi.
Fabricated from chipboard and painted white, the humble, Nauman-like structure consisted of a couple of sawed-off swinging doors reminiscent of those on bathroom stalls or changing rooms.