chip shot

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(golf) a low running approach shot

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Well I think this chip shot is much - make the important of this tournament because before when I chip it in, my play wasn't bad," said Shin.
But there was very little the young goalkeeper could do about keeping out a deft chip shot from London that curled into the top corner of the net 12 minutes from time.
The Wing makers, who had lost once and drawn three times on previous visits, looked to be in trouble when Lloyd Williams netted after 24 and 45 minutes, the latter with a glorious 40-yard chip shot.
At the 30th he was always in command before McCormack holed his chip shot for a par after which Hayes then three-putted from 15ft.
I'm no expert on golf--I don't play golf--but in watching a little golf on TV, I have concluded that a chip shot is rarely easy.
I was 25 feet above the hole and hit a chip shot 18 inches from the cup.
The pitch shot, he says, should be played in the middle of your stance, while the chip shot should be played off your back foot.
The course will feature a driving range with a chip shot practice area and a clubhouse with a restaurant.
In other words, a mere chip shot for a human fundraising vacuum cleaner of Bill Clinton's caliber (no percentage contingency fees, please).
The particular kind of chip shot we teach is called the bump and roll.
Prizes will be distributed for the longest drive, straightest drive, and the chip shot closest to the pin.
But Faldo then took a lightning eight seconds on the chip shot that followed and 15 over the putt.
Your chip shot should fly over the fringe, land on the putting green, and roll toward the hole.
Your chip shot should fly over the edge of the green, called the fringe, and roll toward the hole.
When faced with a chip shot from just off the green, deciding which club to use or which shot to play completely depends on the scenario.